Term of Services

Digital TV (DVB-C) 

The installation fee for new subscriptions is  $49 dollars and is non- refundable. A Channel Receiver (set-top box) shall be lent to Subscriber at the registered address only. The Channel Receiver (set-top box) must be returned to PPCTV upon the termination of service by Subscriber. Subscriber shall pay a monthly subscription fee at least $6 per month. Payments must be made at the beginning of each month.

  1. Unless otherwise approved by us, all subscribers who pay a Service Charge of $6 per month are only permitted to use 1 TV. Service Division within the same address must be made by PPCTV at a rate of  $39 per set-top box. For all Service Division, the set-top box remains at all times our property. 
  2. PPCTV services will be provided to Subscriber’s registered address only. Subscriber is strictly banned to provide PPCTV’s service to third parties without our prior consent.
  3. We will be entitled to charge subscriber a penalty fee of  $49 if the set-top box is lost. Subscriber shall be responsible for taking care of the set-top box and must ensure that the set-top box will at all times be used only to receive the service at the registered address. Subscriber is not allowed to repair all Equipment by own self; any hardware problems caused by subscriber will not be PPCTV’s responsibility. The warranty of the set-top box will be one month from the date of installation.
  4. Service Reconnection will be charged at  $20 per set-top box, please ensure to pay the outstanding accounts with us that are due. If set-top box is lost, subscriber shall pay for a new installation fee. A fee of  $20 will be charged for moving system from the registered address to another address for the first time (If new location is available for Cable TV service).
  5. There are three cases for outstanding fee that is not pay in a given time period:

        Case1: Over 10 days, 20 channels will disable in advance.
        Case2: Over 20 days, Subscriber’s TV signal will be temporarily suspended.
        Case3: Over 30 days, we will take back the extra set-top box that belongs to PPCTV and proceed to terminate your service.

PPCTV reserves the right to change the above terms and conditions, its channel packages and pricing. We may also withdraw, suspend, or change the service or any part thereof. A notification will be given in priority to subscriber through written notice, electronic mail, or such other form as we may deem appropriate.